UX & Product Design

As Design models experience, we put the culture of innovation and our comprehensive skills at the service of the ROI of our clients in the realization of their projects, from the simplest to the most complex.
Moneyline’s scalable MKEvo multi-service kiosk
Our team of experts – originating from the Caiman Design agency, which was founded in 2007 and acquired by Silamir in 2015 – listens to our clients’ needs and constraints, practicing Design Thinking and Agile methods in order to bring the best solutions at the best price.
What are the benefits of their craft? Change, project acceleration, real-time progress monitoring, budget control, flexibility and autonomy.
As a member of the APCI (the Agency for Promoting Industrial Creation), Silamir benefits from a large professional network (prototypists, injectors, modelers, IoT and electronic experts…) and possesses a recognized expertise in several demanding domaines (Health, High Tech, Industry, Infrastructures and Networks…)


User Experience Design (UX)
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Product & Industrial Design
IxD Facilitations & Interactions